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Yup - so today is a big day - and i hope You all will find something You will like in what im gonna release today ;3!

Special thanks are going to my good friends - :iconnightyswolf: and also
:icondanniellahill: - for all help and support ^^!

Some small INFORMATION HERE ABOUT MODELS - Some of them got OPTIONAL PARTS - so search good XD - and have fun ;3 (thats one of the reasons why it took me so long ... but it was worth of it ^.^!).
Also - i decide to release some armed and unarmed weapons - plus more then just one texture ^-^.

AND ABOUT MISSING MODELS - i remember few got no 0 texture - so dont worry - they just had same texture for example:
- disc 01 0 - had the same on as - disc 01a0 - so i just decide to not put it again.

Have fun - and let me know if something may be wrong.
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Rebeccachu-Chan Featured By Owner 20 hours ago
I compared those DMC4 screenshots... (Pay very close attention to the environment detail)

And compared them to these stock photos...

Those environments are so similar to each other. DMC 4 is set in a fictional fantasy-themed world, whereas the designs that inspired the game's environments are in real life.

Gotta give credit to the DMC4 team that worked hard on making those environments and in-game landscapes so visually stunning! :D
Rebeccachu-Chan Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015

I did a comparison of the DMC4 SE screenshots and the DmC DE screenshots. Pay attention to the environments:

DMC4 SE screenshots………

DmC DE screenshots………

DMC4 SE is much more imaginative and well-crafted in terms of environment design. Makes you feel like you got sucked into the fantasy world of the game itself.

DmC's enviroments are so bland and hard to look at because of an overuse of blues and oranges. DMC4 has a better color palette. And DmC looks like it got regurgitated from other, much better sources.

So, yeah, DMC4 SE wins. :D (Big Grin)

Tiffli Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015
yeah for sure - even life bars and graphic are better o0.
Rebeccachu-Chan Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015
Yeah, I know. DMC4 wins over the reboot! :D
Tiffli Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015
Yush ;3!
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Rebeccachu-Chan Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015

Here are the reasons why Devil May Cry 4 is a Fantasy Video game:

- It has magical elements (There are demons, the Sparda twins have mixed blood of human and demon, the orbs and fragments and vital stars, Nero's glowing arm, etc.)

- The game is set in a imaginary world different from our planet (Although it has buildings and stuff) (Think the High (Epic) Fantasy subgenre)
- There are monsters in this game. And they're based off of mythical creatures and such. Some of the monsters featured in the game are Scarecrows, Wraiths, Lizard Beasts, and Glowing Wolves, for example. And there's one demon in the game that transforms into a dragon, and a gigantic god, not to mention winged angels.

- It's got swords in it! Dante, with Rebellion, Nero, with Red Queen, and Vergil, Yamato.

- The world of DMC4 has many fantastic environments, some of which can only be experienced in an epic Fantasy world: A Gothic town, where demons and demon hunters populate and mingle with each other, a dark, swampy forest that you'll end up in if you take the wrong way out, a jungle/mixed forest environment, snow-choked mountains, and even a temple

- Standard Fantasy genre stuff all around: Centuries-old Religious organization, sorcery possessed by the playable characters (Dante, Nero and Vergil!), ancient evil(s), world full of magical dangers and quest-like adventures, medieval-like buildings and streets, supernatural phenomena (magic), mythical creatures to fight, mystical items, world-shaking events, an imaginative world (Seriously, DMC4 has the very best environments in all of the series, both outside and inside.), and the classic theme of good vs. evil.

In fact, when I looked all around on the internet, many sites agree that all because of these themes that I listed above, Devil May Cry 4 is definitely placed in the fantasy genre of video games.

:) (Smile)

Tiffli Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015
You know ... im wonderin how it would be to put Dante in our world o0?
Hmm - reboot gave me the idea - but I would do it - as a fan and fan-fiction - as something pretty good.
It should be mixed good and with taste ...
Nothing agains Dante jumping thru dimensions - but why the hell using some ... terrible cream XDDDD?
More i know - to teleport you need more like lots of sings - sigils - grimoires and some GOOD PLACE.
A place where there it some good emanation - geez X/ - why discusting things like Cat was using?
Please ... X/.
Vergil needed blood ...
More in some fantasy books i read they just need someone blood or ... "something else" Depends on teleport i think o0.
Also why not talking with some other creatures - dragons, elves - the world beyond invisible hide ALL  creatures!
Just need to use some imagination...
Just use some heart and some imagination to see what is possible to do in a fantasy story.
Rebeccachu-Chan Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015…

Because the original game's fantasy themes, it inspired me to create my own Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting!

Each land takes its theme from all 4 original games of the series. And I give each of the lands my own touch.…

Check out the campaign setting overview, too! :)
Tiffli Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015
that sound interesting - really o0!
And i know the pain of creating maps XDD!
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Random223 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I can only learn here:)
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